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Learn more about intelliDREAM’s vision for our products, as well as our family of brands committed to making your home fashionable and functional.

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Customer Convenience

All of our products are designed and built with customer convenience as one of our top priorities.

Simple Setup

Our products are so easy to set up that they often do not require tools for assembly.

Space Saving

Our products will always take up the minimum amount of space when in storage or transport.

Safe to Use

All of our products are designed, tested, and redesigned to ensure your safety at all ticmes.

I Am a Customer for Life

“I purchased our queen size box spring in hopes of a convenient alternative to a traditional set. So I purchased from a online retailer and was pleasantly surprised by the build quality and durability of the box spring. It was lite and super easy to set up. And once set up it functions as a traditional foundation. I love mine. I have recommended it to everyone I talk too. And the support you get once you own one is beyond stellar. I am a customer for life.”

– Tony, Wilmington, OH,

As Someone Who can’t Assemble Furniture, this is Perfect…

“…These days it’s hard to buy anything that doesn’t drive you crazy trying to put it together, so this is perfect for those of us not good at assembly, plus it works great and only requires one mattress.”

– Tex467,

So Easy to Transport

“This was so easy to transport. I could do alone! So easy to unpack and place on bedframe and in the first shot at it! Would highly recommend. And at 73, I am not a spring chicken!”

– pjmilink,

Short and Sweet:

“I would give this ten stars if I could.”

– RandyP,

Would Recommend this to Anyone

“This was an excellent price for an excellent product. It was incredibly easy to set up, makes our bed the perfect height, and looks perfect. I was happy with the quality for the price and would recommend this to anyone!”

– kschnack,